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Landsharks Running Club

where Finishing is Winning!

The Landsharks Running Club develops young athletes in positive, safe, character-based programs for those in Kindergarten-6th grade. The focus is on having fun, competing against individual abilities, improving personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  In the fall and winter, our athletes focus on cross-country and in the spring and summer, our athletes learn the fundamentals of Track.  We train parents, teachers, and past Landsharks runners, who are now collegiate athletes, to lead and coach our programs.

Since 2000, the Landsharks Running Club has provided tens of thousands of children, between the ages of 5-13, with experiences that benefit their physical and psychosocial health.   The benefits of running surpass the physical benefits and have been proven to teach children perseverance, goal-setting and other skills that help them succeed academically, socially, and as an athlete in numerous sports.