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Coding in Action


Coding in Action is a before school coding club that culminates in a competition in March. This competition group is open to 3rd - 5th grade students. Students apply for and are selected to fill up to 4 teams. Students learn to use both visual and text-based programming languages as they work to program for a variety of purposes. Students will use visual format (blocks) to code drones and Spheros to maneuver a challenging obstacle course. They will also use text-based code when programming with Arduino to light a runway using both single LED and RGB Led lights. In addition to developing coding skills, there is also a strong focus on teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. 

After the competition in March the club will be open to students from 2nd grade who would like to learn what Coding in Action is all about. 

For more information please visit the Coding in Action Website. https://sites.google.com/wsd3.org/codinginaction