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PBIS is a school-wide behavior system that focuses on positive behavior expectations and management.  The goal is to maintain a positive school culture and environment, so all students can achieve academically and socially.  PBIS emphasizes proactive, instructive, and responsive approaches to student behavior that are implemented consistently by all staff.  

At French we have implemented many new and exciting things to support students and staff with our PBIS system: POWER.  We believe students can learn appropriate behaviors through positivity, organization, wise-choices, excellence, and respect.  When students are using Panda POWER they are rewarded for positive behavior.  All classrooms use a clip chart system, where students can move their clip up for positive reinforcement and down for consequential enforcement. Each classroom has systems in place to reward student behavior and discipline systems in place as needed.  

We love to celebrate Panda POWER success schoolwide too!  As students make their way to the top of the clip chart, they recieve a Pink Panda POWER ticket.  Which they then take to the office for a reward sticker and put their ticket in a 100 chart.  Mystery patterns are chosen randomly from that chart and the winners are announced and rewarded (students love extra recess, but also enjoy coupons from local restaurants or prizes from a treasure box).  After the chart is cleared of tickets, we start to fill up the Panda Power bucket.  When that is full we have a school-wide reward!! Lately, we've all enjoyed dance parties!

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