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Welcome to French Elementary Music Class!  I'm Mrs. Faires, and I'm very excited about what we will be doing in music classes this year.  I began teaching Middle/High School music in 2001, and then moved to Colorado Springs in 2004 and have been teaching music at French Elementary ever since.  I will post ALL information about music units, assessments, and performances on my classroom website. Please click on the google sites link below to visit the French Elem. Music Website.



Logging Into & Exploring Quaver Music Online for Students & Families

Hello Students & Parents of French Elementary,

Students can log into and explore the world of Quaver Music, the new music curriculum that Widefield School District has adopted for their general music classrooms. Most of the students here at French have had some level of exposure to Quaver over the past year. With some or little help from adult family members, students can create their own user profile, access music creatives, and many other videos and resources about music. During this week of online learning please take some time to log in and explore some of Quaver’s many facets.

Follow these instructions to log in and get started!

1)    Go to:

2)    Create a username and password that your student will be able to remember and use during the rest of their years at French Elementary

3)    Enter the class code for your student’s grade level music class at French:

       a.     Kindergarten---H5W75

       b.     1st Grade---436WK

       c.     2nd Grade---5DDAX

       d.     3rd Grade---5V4CU

       e.     4th Grade---NC8P2

       f.      5th Grade---RQPSA

4)    Click OK

5)    Choose Your Experience: Run with or without flash player. If you are on a computer choose yes for flash player. If you are on a tablet or phone choose no.

6)    Explore the world of Quaver; especially, the ‘student interactives’ tab

7)    For more information and troubleshooting please go to:

We hope that you and your parents enjoy setting up and exploring Quaver Music. We will continue to use this resource for years to come.


Christa Faires

French Elementary Music